One-day coworking space

Workplace at Astana Hub for the selected day. Address of the co-working centre: Mangilik El., Block C 4.6.

Self-delivery from Astana Hub office:
Kazakhstan, Astana, Mangilik El 55/8, block C 4.6.
  • Description
One-Day Coworking Space at Astana Hub.

    Cost: 6,000 SC;

    Period: The following day after confirmation;

    Type of Space: Fixed, open-use area «Mathematics»;

    Access: All day;

    Restrictions: No ability to book meeting rooms;

    Number of seats: for one person;

    Address: Mangilik El Avenue, Block C 4.6, Astana Hub.

After purchasing this service, our manager will contact you and provide consultation regarding further actions