Consultation on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy of promotion through the internet. Get consultation on its optimization and online customer attraction.

Self-delivery from Astana Hub office:
Kazakhstan, Astana, Mangilik El 55/8, block C 4.6.
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Consultation on Digital Marketing from the Chief Marketing Officer of Astana Hub, Arlan Karimov.

With over 5 years of experience in online advertising, Arlan is currently focused on promoting Astana Hub programs. He will advise on topics such as competitor and consumer research, marketing strategies, content optimization for websites and social media, optimization of online advertising campaigns using various platforms, monitoring and analysis of campaign effectiveness, and the use of analytics tools for data collection.

The consultation includes a 1-hour online meeting via Zoom or Google Meeting (our manager will contact you to schedule the date and time).

To ensure the effectiveness of the consultation, our manager will send you a questionnaire to fill out before confirming the date and time.